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Meet two classical musicians who didn’t let their country’s bloody history prevent them from turning childhood ambitions into professional realities.

In this edition of Africa in Progress, singer Pearlmira Vincent (née Kwesi-John) and pianist Raymond Okeke Macauley discuss what and who helped them hone their talents as youngsters in Sierra Leone and what life has come to offer them as students at the Utrechts Conservatorium in the Netherlands. (11-4-2013)


Pearlmira Kwesi-John has a voice of gold and pianist Raymond Okeke Macauley has fingers of gold.  Both dream of becoming solo performers and are determined to work hard at reaching their goal. What’s remarkable in their career pathways is that they both had music teachers at home who believed in them, offered them scholarships and encouraged them to pursue classical music studies, just as their country Sierra Leone was coming out of a bloody war.

Pearlmira Kwesi-John and Raymond Okeke Macauley are our guests on this week’s show. (26-11-2010)